Frequently Asked Questions About Popcorn Ceiling Painted Removal

If you have a home with a popcorn ceiling, you are probably searching for effective ways to get rid of the same. The DIY solutions are often inadequate ways of handling the situation. Moreover, the same involves investing time and labor that may not be an ideal choice for all.

No matter what that trendy video for popcorn ceiling removal shows, removing the same is a major challenge. Having a good popcorn ceiling removal company can be a good idea to improve your home and its market value.

Reasons to seek Popcorn Ceiling Painted Removal

There are numerous reasons to seek popcorn ceiling painted removal –

  • These ceilings are tough to clean and maintain. Cobwebs cling to these surfaces and leave behind an ugly mark or discoloration.
  • Damages are tough to correct and repair. When there is a leak or water damage, these become ugly and impact the overall appearance of your home.
  • Many of these ceilings may have asbestos. It may impact the air quality inside your home

Thus, whether you are getting ready to move into a newly purchased home, enlist the property, or wish to upgrade your home, seeking professional help is recommended in all these instances.

FAQs About Popcorn Ceiling Painted Removal

Here are answers to common questions asked by homeowners while they plan to get rid of their popcorn ceilings.

Is removing the popcorn ceiling a good idea?

Yes, getting rid of the popcorn ceiling is a great idea. These date back to your home and ultimately reduce the market value for your home. You may end up with a property with low chances of a sale.

Using DIY solutions to manage the situation can be a time-intensive task. Thus professional help can be sought to solve the problem.

How much should I pay to remove popcorn ceilings?

The average cost of getting rid of these ceilings is $1-2 per square foot. Depending on the size of your home, you can end up paying $900-2800.

DIY repairs can have more indirect costs and raise the extent of your problems. You can also choose to hide these using skim coating. The process adds a compound to ensure that the ceiling looks stylish and functional.

Costs vary depending on the contractor charges, ceiling height, room layout, structure, etc. If the layers of the popcorn ceiling are thick, it can be challenging to remove on your own.

Is it important to take a scrape test for your ceiling before removal?

Yes, if your home was built before the passing of the Clean air act or before 1970, then a scrap test is a good idea. It helps you identify the possible cost of removing the ceilings in case of asbestos.

You must never rely on DIY solutions to remove the asbestos-rich ceiling. The compound can leak into the air and cause serious problems.

What steps should I take during DIY popcorn ceiling removal?

Here are a few steps to ensure the best results through the process –

  • Prepare your room
  • Cover everything to avoid an accumulation of popcorn flakes
  • Prepare the ceiling
  • Scrape off the popcorn ceiling
  • Sand the region
  • Paint your ceiling

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