3 Reasons Why Removing Textured Ceilings Have Become Popular Over Time

The typical homes built in the 1930s and 1940s usually come with textured ceilings, also termed popcorn ceilings. While they were a huge statement back in the day, the health hazards and several other factors are the biggest reasons why more and more people are removing textured ceilings and opting for a more modern approach. If you are tired of looking at similar patterns every time you look up, it’s time to give your living and working spaces a makeover by removing textured ceilings. If you are wondering what makes acoustic ceiling removal and removing textured ceilings important for your domestic life, here’s why.

The Health Factor: Textured and popcorn ceilings possess asbestos, a broader term for naturally occurring fibers. The houses built during the 1800s and the twentieth century saw a massive use of asbestos for construction and building processes. Asbestos is resistant to different weather conditions, lasts long, and is durable. Moreover, they also have heat-insulating properties that made them the ideal choice for closed indoor areas. Asbestos has been extensively sued for fireproofing as well as for water lines and pumps. Up until recently the health hazards stemming from asbestos had been unknown and many manufacturers were found to use expired materials for popcorn ceilings. If you are regularly inhaling asbestos particulates it could cause serious damage to your lungs and the respiratory system. By removing textured ceilings, you can keep your loved ones safe from the harmful chemicals that can cause severe conditions including cancer.

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Cleaner Interiors with Lesser Effort: If you notice the texture on popcorn ceilings, you will see that due to the undulations, dust and dirt deposit easily. And ceilings are not particular;y easy to clean. The dust could contaminate the food you eat or the beverage you drink without your knowledge since they are invisible to the naked eye. By removing textured ceilings you can keep your interiors cleaner and by exerting very little effort. A plain surface is more likely to deposit dangerous particles and can be easily cleaned with a mop or soft cloth making them easier to maintain. This is also one of the many reasons why acoustic ceiling removal is essential particularly if they have been installed for a substantial period. After removing the textured ceilings you can even sense a difference in the air you breathe when inside.

Increased Resale Value And Modern Finish: Popcorn ceilings had been a huge trend in the past but not anymore. If your property is on the market, several potential clients will prefer a more modern and plain ceiling over popcorn textures. Removing textured ceilings is crucial if you want to sell your house and get a good amount of money for the same. It has been seen popcorn ceiling removal increases your home’s resale value because the new owners can simply make add their own installations and the chances of selling the real estate also improve.

So if you are in affix and not sure about the whole ceiling situation at your place, it’s time you amped up the space by removing the textured ceiling and going for a simplistic yet classy design.