Toronto Popcorn Ceiling Removal Guide for Your Home

The popcorn ceiling was trendy during the mid-20 century. The reason is that they offered a very cheap alternative to regular paint. Still, later, they have asbestos in them, which causes lung cancer while ding inhalation. Also, after finding out about this asbestos causing cancer in 1978, the clean air act of the US banned popcorn ceilings, which conation asbestos as the binding agent. Nowadays, you will find out popcorn ceilings in some houses, but they don’t have asbestos. However, if you ever found a popcorn ceiling in your home, don’t get worried. Just seek after the popcorn ceiling removal contractors in Toronto, which you will find online.

What is a Popcorn Ceiling?

These are characterized by their texture appearance, which resembles s of those popcorn or cottage cheesy on the wall as mentioned above. They were pretty popular earlier.

Resembled by their appearance, they are also categorized into- acoustic ceilings, stucco ceilings, and cottage cheese ceilings. Now they are mainly caused by the moisture damage if you live in an area of high humidity, water leaks from the pipes of bathrooms, poor installation of ceilings, and drywall dust. To eliminate this problem, many popcorn ceiling removal contractors are available nearby your areas to take help off.

What is Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

Popcorn ceiling removal is a very exacting and tedious task, requiring skills, patience, and experience to get excellent results. The techniques used by the professionals will make the house room ceiling look furnished, modern, and beautiful, those popcorn ceilings darkened.

How is Popcorn Ceiling Removal Done?

Firstly it is ensured or tested that the textured doesn’t have asbestos. Is there any then professional in asbestos to remove the texture while covering the entire ceiling with paneling and drywall? Then come to the tools, so all you needed was just some tools like a garden sprayer, a putty knife, a ladder, safety goggles, dust mask. Remove heavy items from rooms like beds and drawers, or even cover them with plastic sheets. Before getting started, the ceiling was wet with some garden sprayer in small sections, and then the ceiling was scraped away using a putty knife to remove the popcorn texture. After that, the ceiling was sanded, and a fresh coat of paint was put on.

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How Much Does Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost?

Earlier it was cheap to have a popcorn ceiling. Still, the ranges are very high for the removal of popcorn ceiling, typically around $880 to $2,838 according to a survey and the national average is $1,855. Overall, people see the popcorn ceiling as very old-fashioned, undesirable, and outdated. That is why it ranges pretty much high. It depends on the number of rooms, square footage, and other factors. Many homeowners have to pay around $1,860 to the popcorn ceiling removal contractors