Simple Way Of Increasing The Resale Value Of Property–Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling had been a huge fashion statement some decades ago. However, what was huge previously, slowly becomes an outdated trend. And that is exactly what happened with popcorn ceilings. Also termed acoustic ceilings, they are covered with paint in such a way that undulations are created on purpose. Polystyrene and vermiculite cause the resultant bumpy surface that had been in vogue. The chief reason behind their initial popularity was due to their noise cancellation properties, as the name suggests. These ceilings that were a staple in bedrooms, hallways, and lounges also did a remarkable job of hiding imperfections and blemishes. At the same time, owing to its rough and bumpy uppermost surface, the chances of debris and dust collection increase by many folds. A recent study into the real estate industry also showed that with the existing popcorn ceiling, the price of the building is on the lower side. Popcorn ceiling removal contractors can be a huge help in such cases. It was seen that the evaluation of the property increased significantly after the elimination of the said feature.

What are the benefits of the popcorn ceiling removal process?

To put it simply, depending on the space and area covered by the ceiling, the advantages and disadvantages of undertaking this renovation work vary. For a smaller structure, a new layer of paint might prove to be more economical than a complete remodeling. The perks and cons are debatable but in certain respects, removing the popcorn ceiling entirely can be a smarter move. The chief benefits of this undertaking are mentioned below.

  • Modern Outlook: As has been mentioned before, popcorn ceilings were a fad in the past. It is one of the vintage features that did not make comeback unlike bell-bottom jeans and polka dots. The charisma and beauty of this type of ceiling have faded over time and it just does not look very appealing any longer.
  • Lesser Accumulation of Debris: Since popcorn ceilings are basically rough to tough, the scope of dust particles, dirt, and cobwebs depositing increases by a fair margin. The Toronto popcorn ceiling removal companies can produce greatly improved results after the process of ceiling removal is over. With the ceilings smoothened out, the environment becomes distinctly cleaner and healthier.
  • Higher Price of property: As was stated priorly, the resale value of a property was seen to increase after the ceiling removal. The primary reason is that the modern ceilings give off a feeling that the room is bigger and more spacious than it is. At the same time, the hygienic environment also plays a key role. Overall the perks of removing your exciting popcorn ceiling outnumber the drawbacks and therefore, this renovation undertaking is highly recommended.

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If you are in the real estate industry, popcorn ceilings removal can be an effective way of increasing the selling price of the edifice and thereby the business. Though it might seem like a time taking process, with expert handling, the remodeling does not require much time. And once it is done, the profit is quite immense.

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