Process of Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

Removing a popcorn ceiling is a tough job to do as it requires a lot of steps that include technique, labor, experience, and patience. It’s costly too because of the tools, products, and time involved in it. If you find asbestos in the ceiling, then it will be more hectic as removing asbestos requires a professional and makes it more costly than the standard removal process of popcorn ceiling. If you ever faced a popcorn ceiling problem in your house, contact the popcorn ceiling removal company to solve this issue.


Did all popcorn ceilings have asbestos in them? 


The answer to this question is absolutely a no. If today’s houses with popcorn ceilings have a 0.1 chance of having asbestos in them, if in any case asbestos is there, then the professional in it will handle the situation. Is in the 20 century that has asbestos in the popcorn ceiling of that time houses. Asbestos is very harmful as it causes lung cancer during inhalation. Due to this reason, the clean air act in the US banned the use of asbestos in popcorn ceilings in 1978, which led to the trend of popcorn ceilings down.

How difficult is it to remove the popcorn ceiling?     


Removal of popcorn texture will range from easy to challenging, depending upon the factors that will affect how harder the removal of popcorn ceiling is going to be. These are the factors that are going to affect our texture removal process.


  • Age and finish quality: Knowing about the age and quality of your popcorn ceiling will be very helpful. If your ceiling is a bit decades old and poorly furnished, the texture will lose or fall, making the scrapping part more affordable.
  • Paint effects: if the popcorn ceiling is painted over its texture, it will be very challenging fr scrapping and time-consuming. You have to dampen the ceiling first with water or chemical.
  • Sand:  This method has become pretty popular in recent years, by this it doesn’t matter meany sanding by hand but actually by using machine drywall sanders. Its features like long arms to reach the ceiling and installing a dust extraction system helps cleanup lie a breeze. 
  • Scrapping: This method will be a quick and accurate method of removing the popcorn ceiling. If the ceiling is painted, then try dry scrapping first. If it doesn’t, spray the surface with some water and let it settle for half an hour, and you will see it scrape off easily. 

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  Can you remove the popcorn ceiling by yourself?


The answer is yes also depends on the factors affecting the ceiling, like if the ceiling is dry and not painted, even if painted, then the time required will be less, and you will be able to clean the ceiling by yourself. But in case you find asbestos in the ceiling, you need to hire a professional to remove it.