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How Removing your Popcorn Ceiling increases the value of your home!

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How Removing your Popcorn Ceiling increases the value of your home!

popcorn ceiling removal

Over time, homes can become outdated and will typically require a little updating. What may have
been in style 20 years ago will likely no longer be in style today.

Further, materials and finishes can start to break down and show signs of wear and tear, requiring a
little remodeling and renovating to bring the home back up to par.

Not only can certain projects help to improve the functionality and look of a home, but they can also
increase its value, too. And among the many things that can help boost the value of your home is
popcorn ceiling removal.

Back in the 1980s and earlier, it was common for homes to be outfitted with popcorn ceilings. They
were easy to install and more affordable over other finishes. They also have an acoustic property, which
is particularly useful in areas where you want to keep noise to a minimum, such as bedrooms.

But these days, popcorn ceilings are not exactly attractive any longer. They are also quite difficult to
keep clean, as dust and debris can easily become trapped within the crevices of the material.
And trying to clean popcorn ceilings is another nuisance, as it’s not as simple as taking a cloth and
wiping the surface. Instead, great care must be taken to clean the surface and make sure that none of the
material becomes dislodged and falls off, which can easily happen.

Along with updating kitchens, remodeling bathrooms, and adding new hardwood flooring, removing
popcorn ceilings is another great way to increase the value of your home.

If you’re selling in the near future, all buyers who visit your home will likely be turned off by the sight
of popcorn ceilings. But popcorn ceiling removal can have the opposite effect and actually help
increase the perceived value of your home in the eyes of prospective buyers.

Popcorn ceiling removal is one particular project that can certainly boost the value of your home,
which can prove to be extremely helpful when it comes time to plant a For Sale sign on your front

If you’re looking to remove your popcorn ceilings, be sure to call the Ceiling Specialists today!


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