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Should you handle a ceiling texture removal job on your own?

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Should you handle a ceiling texture removal job on your own?

ceiling texture removal

There always seems to be something that needs to be done when you own a home. The work is seemingly never ending. Whether it’s a minor repair, a major renovation, or an overhaul on style, things always need to be done to a home to keep it looking and functioning optimally.

And if you’ve got textured ceilings in your home, removing them might be the next item on the agenda. But the question is, should you tackle ceiling texture removal on your own, or should you call in the pros to do it for you?

There are obvious reasons why you might want to take the DIY approach: you probably think you can save a few bucks instead of dishing out a lot of money to pay the experts to do it for you. But that might not necessarily be a good idea, and here’s why.

The Job is Messy

If you’ve never seen a ceiling texture removal process in the works, you have no idea how incredibly messy the job can be. This is especially true if the material is being scraped off. All that material will be falling all over the place, and a lot of it will become airborne as soon as it’s tampered with.

If the necessary precautions aren’t taken, you could find yourself cleaning your home for days before any remnants of the material are entirely eliminated from your home.

With the help of professionals, they’ll know exactly what to do to protect your home from all the material being removed and will do their best to contain the mess to make clean-up as quick and easy as possible.

The Job is Very Difficult

Ceiling texture removal is no easy task. It’s extremely involved and requires a lot of skill, experience, and the right tools. Plus, it’s a multiple-person job and requires a lot more than just going solo to get the job done.

Even if you bring in a few friends or neighbours to help you out, you could find this job a really challenging one if you all don’t have the right experience. Not only that, but the end result could be
sub-par, leaving you with a final product that’s not what you would have expected it to be.

There May Be Asbestos in the Material

Back in the day, it was common for asbestos to be incorporated into building materials like popcorn ceilings. Asbestos fibres are flexible and heat-resistant. The material is also a great insulator and can make materials stronger and more durable. However, asbestos can also be highly toxic, especially when exposed to over a long period of time.

If there is any asbestos in the sprayed-on ceiling material in your home, you could inadvertently allow it to become airborne when you’re removing the ceiling texture. If that happens, you could be exposing yourself and your family to hazardous asbestos.

Instead, professionals will be careful to test the material first, then take the necessary precautions to
ensure it is removed safely so it is unable to be released into the air.

If you require ceiling texture removal, don’t take the DIY approach. Instead, call the experts in popcorn ceiling removal: The Ceiling Specialists!


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