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Why are ceilings textured?

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Why are ceilings textured?

ceiling texture

Whether your home has popcorn ceilings that were installed before you purchased the place, or you’re are looking for a home to buy and have encountered popcorn ceilings in some of the homes you’ve come across, you might be wondering why these surfaces have bumpy material covering them.

After all, popcorn ceilings are not exactly attractive, and they can be a real nuisance to keep clean. So,
why do popcorn ceilings even exist? Why are ceilings textured?

Here are some reasons why textured ceilings may have been used in home construction and design
back in the day.

They Block Out Sound

Textured ceilings have acoustic properties, which means they’re able to absorb sound and block out a
lot of noise. That’s why popcorn ceilings are commonly seen in hallways and bedrooms, which is
typically where more quiet and tranquility is wanted. That said, you’ll often see them in other rooms,
including living rooms. Regardless, textured ceilings are able to minimize sound, which is an attractive
feature for homeowners.

They’re Easy to Install

Rather than having to be meticulous with ensuring a smooth surface with no imperfections, popcorn
ceilings are easy to install. All that’s needed is a spray machine to apply the material and the ceiling can
be quickly covered in texture without having to worry about any flaws or unevenness in the surface

They’re Affordable

Another popular reason why textured ceilings were applied years ago is because they were the more
affordable option in ceiling surfaces. In order to keep costs down, many homeowners and builders
would install a ceiling texture. And because they were popular back then, homeowners didn’t seem to

They Can Hide Imperfections

Ceiling drywall needs to be connected using tape, and the pros who install them need to be highly
skilled at ensuring the transition from one board to the next is seamless. Further, ceiling drywall may be
subject to nicks and dents which can be tough to get rid of. With textured ceilings, any of these
imperfections can be quickly and easily hidden with minimal effort.

Textured Ceilings Are No Longer Attractive

While there may have been plenty of reasons to install textured ceilings long ago, these days,
homeowners and buyers no longer find them attractive. Instead, there’s a trend to remove textured
ceilings from interiors to help boost the aesthetics and style of homes.


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