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Are stipple ceilings outdated?

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Are stipple ceilings outdated?

stipple ceiling

Newly constructed homes typically feature smooth ceilings or some sort of luxurious design, such as tray ceilings. But one type of ceiling that you’ll never find in new home construction are stipple

There are many reasons for this, starting with the fact that they are completely outdated. Buyers do not like to see stipple ceilings in homes that they visit when they’re ready to buy a home. In fact, the presence of stipple ceilings is enough to turn buyers off of a home completely. And even if buyers are still interested in the home, they may perceive its overall value to be lower and may even offer a lower price to offset the cost required to remove the stipple ceilings.

Homeowners who have stipple ceilings in their homes may want to have them removed because they tend to drag down the esthetics of an interior.
But there are other reasons why stipple ceilings are removed from homes besides the fact that they are outdated.

Stipple Ceilings Are Tough to Clean

Because of the bumpy nature of stipple ceilings, they are difficult to keep clean. Dusting these surfaces can be tedious and often results in small particles of the material being chipped off accidentally as the surface is being wiped down.

Stipple Ceilings Are Dust Traps

Again, the bumpy texture of stipple ceilings makes them traps for dust and other debris to accumulate.

And the more dust gathers in the crevices of these ceilings, the harder they are clean.

Stipple Ceilings May Have Asbestos

If your home predates the 1980’s, there’s a chance that the stipple ceiling material may have asbestos lingering within it. This particular material was popular in home construction decades ago because the fibres offered a lot of strength without adding too much weight. Asbestos is also a great insulating and sound-absorbing material, which is why it was often used on ceilings in bedrooms. Further, asbestos is fire-resistant, which as another reason why it was used in construction.

But asbestos as also been found to be hazardous when inhaled over a long period of time. Just knowing that there is asbestos in your home may be reason enough to want to have your stipple ceilings removed.

If you’re tired of the outdated look of your stipple ceilings and don’t want to be tasked with the difficulty of cleaning them any longer, call The Ceiling Specialists to have them removed quickly and
efficiently. You’ll be left with a much more attractive, modern ceiling surface that you can be proud to show off!


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