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What is a popcorn textured ceiling?

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What is a popcorn textured ceiling?

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Back in the 1970s and prior, popcorn textured ceilings were incredibly popular and widely used in homes. They were easy to install, affordable, hid imperfections well, and had acoustic properties that made them able to block out sound. Resembling cottage cheese, popcorn ceilings were commonly found in home construction, and are often still around today.

But homeowners of today no longer find popcorn textured ceilings attractive. Not only that, but popcorn ceilings are tough to keep clean, as the particles can become loosened when cleaned or dusted. Not only that, but they might even contain asbestos, a material that can be hazardous if allowed to become airborne and inhaled on a regular basis.

What is a Popcorn Textured Ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings are also known by other names, including:

  • Textured ceilings
  • Cottage cheese ceilings
  • Stipple ceilings
  • Stucco ceilings
  • Acoustic ceilings

These types of ceilings were the standard in home construction decades ago because of the advantages described above. More commonly, bedrooms and hallways would feature popcorn textured ceilings, while kitchens would typically be finished in a smoother finish.

Popcorn textured ceilings were used in the 1970s and earlier and often contained asbestos. However, this material was eventually found to be hazardous and was inevitably banned from use in home construction. That’s when this type of ceiling started to become much less popular.

However, popcorn textured ceilings that were already applied continue to exist, and they even remain to some degree today. In fact, many homes still have popcorn textured ceilings in them.
But homeowners are increasingly becoming turned off by this material, as it is no longer considered aesthetically appealing. In an effort to improve the look of an interior and appeal to buyers, more and more homeowners have taken steps to have their popcorn textured ceilings removed.

Improving the Look of a Home By Removing Popcorn Textured Ceilings

A more modern, upscale design with clean lines and minimalist look has become more favored for ceiling surfaces and home design as a whole. Not only can this improve the style of a home, but it can even boost the perceived value of a home and make it easier to sell. Learn more about popcorn ceiling removal associated costs and how t

As such, homeowners and designers have been increasingly looking to popcorn ceiling removal specialists to help improve the look of an interior. But this service goes beyond just aesthetics. A
smoother finish without the presence of sprayed-on material is also healthier, especially if there was asbestos lingering within the material.

A smoother surface is also much easier to clean and doesn’t hold the same amount of dust that would be found within the crevices of a popcorn ceiling. Smoother surfaces are also easier to fix if there are ever any issues with the ceiling.

If your home still has popcorn ceilings that you’d rather see removed, be sure to call the experts in this realm.

Call The Ceiling Specialists to learn more about popcorn ceiling removal associated costs and how to hire the perfect contractor for the job!


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